The goal of the Workshop is to address open problems in the areas of Computational Decision Making and Data Science which are of great importance to the society of today. The workshop will serve as a place for researchers to discuss potential mutual projects, and to facilitate interaction between funding agencies and leading researchers within Europe.

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Final agenda of the Workshop (July 12-13) consists of four invited talks sessions (with a total of 13 talks), one student poster session, and one industry session. Industry and prospective data science students will have plenty opportunities for networking with


  The 13 invited speakers are: Alexis Tsoukiàs, Karel Janecek, Ljupčo Kocarev, Love Ekenberg, Michael Rovatsos, Michaela Van der Schaar, Nataša Milić, Nello Cristianini, Paolo Viappiani, Pedja Neskovic, Tanja Aitamurto, Tom Heskes  

Video lectures

All videos from this workshop are publicly available. You are welcome to share them!

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